Industry Luminaries Blazing a Trail for AI Adoption 

AI Visionaries is a prestigious annual compilation celebrating the pioneers and early adopters within the fields of legal, compliance, and risk management who are spearheading the integration of artificial intelligence into their organizational practices. These forward-thinking individuals are not only optimizing operational efficiencies but are also setting new benchmarks for technological adoption in their industries. Their efforts in leveraging AI technologies demonstrate a commitment to innovation and a vision for the future of their respective fields. Just as these visionaries are transforming their sectors through AI, platforms like 1xBet are revolutionizing the online betting industry, offering a wide array of opportunities and enhancements for their users. To discover more about these advancements and how they are changing the user experience, visit

AI Visionaries - Mallory Acheson
Focusing on technology and data has really allowed me to grow with a growing industry. We're creating the case law, finding differentiators, and helping our clients expect and achieve more.

Mallory Acheson

Nelson Mullins

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The use of machine learning technologies has enabled us to essentially quadruple the size of our practice without adding additional people.

Tess Blair

Morgan Lewis

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AI Visionaries - Kelly Clay
We are accountable to the justice system and our clients to establish ethical and expedient ways of working. AI can help us fulfill our obligations to support the fair and judicious resolution of matters.

Kelly Clay


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AI Visionaries - Nick Cole
AI tools are a force multiplier. They provide a competitive advantage, allowing us to get to the truth faster and to minimize risk.

Nick Cole

Foley & Lardner

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AI Visionaries - Selina Coleman
AI is not about ceding control; it’s about harnessing technology to help us do our jobs better.

Selina Coleman

Reed Smith

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AI Visionaries - Dan Cooperman
Through the use of AI, it can be demonstrated clearly and emphatically that many legal problems can now be solved faster, more accurately, and at less cost than using manual processes.

Dan Cooperman

Molina Healthcare

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AI Visionaries - John Davis
AI and other technologies can provide a great lift and means to distinguish yourself from the masses.

John Davis

Crowell & Moring

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AI Visionaries - Ausra Deluard
Lawyers tend to be risk-averse and slow to change. The vanguard adopters have to blaze a trail.

Ausra Deluard


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AI Visionaries - Maria B. Earley
Looking at segments of our society that have been overlooked and finding ways for them to be included into mainstream products—that is where technology and AI can play a big role.

Maria Earley

Morrison & Foerster

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AI Visionaries - Virginia Essandoh
The opportunity to leverage AI to bring unconscious bias to the surface can have a significant impact on creating a more equitable, fair performance review process.

Virginia Essandoh

Ballard Spahr

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AI Visionaries - Kelly Friedman
Widespread use of AI in our daily lives creates more data that needs to be analyzed and can become important evidence. e-Discovery and AI are mutually reinforcing.

Kelly Friedman


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AI Visionaries - Manfred Gabriel
The only way to innovate inside the law firm is to find the pain and address it—no pain, no change.

Manfred Gabriel

Holland & Knight

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AI Visionaries - Jennifer Harkins Garone
I’ve always been curious about new ways of doing things. How do we do things better?

Jennifer Harkins Garone

Carnival Corporation

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AI Visionaries - Avi Gesser
Finding the right tool to harness all the amazing work that is being done and channeling that to a constantly improving set of organized data is very challenging, but totally worth the effort.

Avi Gesser

Debevoise & Plimpton LLP

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AI Visionaries - Ross Gotler
As someone who fervently believes in the transformative nature and endless potential of technology, it has been especially rewarding seeing the success of our integration of AI and analytics into our discovery processes.

Ross Gotler

Paul, Weiss

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AI Visionaries - Alison Grounds
I find the adoption rate for technology in the legal space typically requires someone else going first. So our attitude has always been, let's be first.

Alison Grounds

Troutman Pepper

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AI Visionaries - Ron Harry
AI allows us to see the unseen and to make logical sense out of data patterns too large for the average person to comprehend.

Ron Harry


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AI Visionaries - Kate Jansons John
Pointing out how attorneys are already using some form of AI in their personal digital life can help them understand how it can be applied in their practice.

Kate Jansons Johns


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AI Visionaries - Stefan John
AI is probably the most efficient tool to help organizations turn massive amounts of ‘senseless data’ into more ‘senseful data.’

Stefan John


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Ai Visionaries - Laura Kibbe
By being able to approach discovery in a new way, using technology, we are creating a more informed legal team that can focus on what really matters—the merits of the case.

Laura Kibbe


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AI Visionaries - Josh Kreamer
Technology can help us reach the efficiency we're looking for and free up our team to work on what they’re truly good at doing.

Josh Kreamer


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We need new technology to survive. There's just no way to keep up with the way humans are communicating with each other without new technology.

Meghan Landrum


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AI Visionaries - Peter Lefkowitz
AI has the potential to radically transform our lives in positive, privacy-protective ways. But it also has the potential for significant harm if not well managed.

Peter Lefkowitz


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AI Visionaries - Jason Lichter
This isn't like the unattainable triangle where you have to pick two out of three benefits. It can be faster, cheaper, and better with AI.

Jason Lichter

Troutman Pepper

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AI Visionaries - Katherine Lowry
Instead of always looking down and doing the everyday work, somebody needs to have their eyes on the horizon at all times.

Katherine Lowry


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AI Visionaries - Bobby Malhotra
I’m really intrigued by the value proposition of AI and how it can enhance the speed, precision, and efficiency of traditional legal work while reducing spend.

Bobby Malhotra

Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP

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AI Visionaries - Jessica Maurer
At this point, particularly for matters with a large e-discovery component, you can’t ignore AI.

Jessica Maurer

Mayer Brown

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AI Visionaries - Briordy Meyers
If the big picture goal for your organization is to gain insight and understanding through data science, then AI, even broadly defined, promises to reduce that time to insight.

Briordy Meyers

Boehringer Ingelheim

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AI Visionaries - Stephanie Mendelsohn
To paraphrase Jerry Maguire, technology like AI helps us help the business.

Stephanie Mendelsohn


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AI Visionaries - Scott Milner
Ignoring technology is no longer an option. The cross-section between legal and technology, including AI, is here to stay.

Scott Milner

Morgan Lewis

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AI Visionaries - Jackie Orchard
Some of the AI-backed technology we have adopted over the years has allowed us to handle tasks at a scale and pace that ordinary humans are unable to match.

Jackie Orchard

Westpac Group

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AI Visionaries - David Orensten
For me, experimenting, exploring proof of concepts, vetting something new—it’s an opportunity. It’s not scary.

David Orensten


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AI Visionaries - Scott Reents
We recently had a judge tell us that a task needed to be done ‘at the speed of electrons.’ That statement reflects that technology, and AI in particular, is changing expectations for how quickly our work can be done.

Scott Reents

Cravath Swaine & Moore

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AI Visionaries - Wendy Riggs
In my experience, using AI to assist with classifying data, identifying PII, and flagging data types is vital to achieving litigation and compliance requirements in a consistent, defensible, and cost-efficient way.

Wendy Riggs

SBO; formerly Airbnb, Twitter, and Zynga

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AI Visionaries - Adam Rouse
Ideally you have a human-AI partnership, where AI is doing a lot of the heavy lifting and humans can then do what we still do best—the lateral thinking and strategic insight that help steer the AI and the data growth, understanding the subtext, to make smarter long-term decisions.

Adam Rouse


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AI Visionaries - Jeff Salling
We are always looking for the most efficient and compliant way of solving a problem. AI allows legal to do that in many ways—and many more to come.

Jeff Salling


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AI Visionaries - Pam Schieffelin
With the explosion of data created and maintained in the normal course of business, we have had no choice but to consider more efficient and effective ways to fulfill our obligations.

Pam Schieffelin


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AI Visionaries - Maurus Schreyvogel
With AI, we are about to fundamentally change the way we work, and this will take time to digest, learn, and adopt.

Maurus Schreyvogel


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AI Visionaries - Alexis Stroud
I may not fully understand the inner workings and technical aspects of AI, but I have seen the value that it can create.

Alexis Stroud

Boehringer Ingelheim

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AI Visionaries - Janet Sullivan
Opportunities to bring greater value to the legal function through the use of AI are endless.

Janet Sullivan

White & Case

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AI Visionaries - Heather Sussman
Team members need to feel comfortable—even better if they feel incentivized—to identify problems and come up with creative solutions.

Heather Sussman


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AI Visionaries - Jen Swanton
How can we do the work that we do as efficiently as possible, in the best way possible? Over the last few years, we are relying more and more on technology like artificial intelligence.

Jennifer Swanton


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AI Visionaries - Brett Tarr
It just makes sense that as more and more data emerges, we should be open to new technologies and new workflows to keep pace.

Brett Tarr


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AI Visionaries - Jeane Thomas
When you build an algorithm, using AI to help you extrapolate the human decisions, you end up with a better result.

Jeane Thomas

Crowell & Moring

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AI Visionaries - Geoffrey Vance
What fascinates me about artificial intelligence is that, when used correctly, it makes me a better lawyer that makes better decisions.

Geoffrey Vance

Perkins Coie LLP

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AI Visionaries - Ruby Zefo
I still believe that responsible AI has significant potential to make our lives better.

Ruby Zefo


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AI Visionaries - Josh Zylbershlag
AI has become so central to discovery that our clients now expect us to leverage it, and we demonstrate our value to them by the sophistication of our approach in using it.

Josh Zylbershlag

Paul, Weiss

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